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Value Models

Dividend Discount Model

The price-to-value ratio states the ratio of current price to intrinsic value for each company, as determined by the SEENSCO Dividend Discount Model. SEENSCO establishes payout ratios and 10 year earnings projections for each company covered. The future value of the company is determined by integrating short-term market consensus earnings estimates with longer term nominal incremental changes and deriving an optimal P/E ratio to the expected earnings at year 10. The future value and dividend stream are then discounted by the effective bond yield on the companies debt, adjusted for an equity risk premium, to arrive at the current intrinsic value.

To read the full methodology report please download the document below.

Dividend Discount Model: Methodology Report

Other Models*

  • Operating Cash Flow Model
  • Residual Income Model
  • Yield Spread Model
  • Price Multiplier Model

*These models are available to institutional clients only. Please contact customerservice@seensco.com for additional details.