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Stock Selection Models

We offer a full range of quantitative resources designed to assist investment managers in making more informed, more efficient decisions.


SEENSCO tracks stocks across a spectrum of market capitalization and investment styles in both the American and Canadian equity markets. We cover more than 1,000 companies, including all companies listed on the Dow Jones and S&P 500 indexes as well as the 60 largest Canadian companies. Our analytical models, which have been in use publicly dating back to 2013 and privately since 2004, cover more than 200 data items across common stocks.

Valuation Models

Investment managers across the industry choose our stock selection models because of the rigor of our processes and the sustainability of our results.  SEENSCO provides a full complement of models to suit any investment style and objective:

During their development, each SEENSCO valuation model is diligently back-tested and validated using high-quality and reliable data.

Stock Ratings

SEENSCO employs its unique approach to investment research to produce individual stock ratings on more than 500 companies. The SEENSCO Equity Research investment process evaluates the performance potential of stocks by classifying them based on different sets of factors unique to each investment model. Additionally, we provide several quality measures designed to assist in the assessment of risk. These measures give valuable insight into earning trends, relative value, and timeliness. Each quarter, we distill various factors into clear recommendations based on each model’s underlying methodology.

Portfolio Analysis

SEENSCO offers clients an opportunity to run their portfolio holdings through our valuation methodologies. Simply submit a request to customerservice@seensco.com and a client service representative will contact you. We will require the list of companies in your portfolio and details regarding the valuation models in question. A quote will be provided usually within 24 hours. Please see the following page for standard pricing. Following payment, custom valuation guides will then be prepared within one or two days reflecting your portfolio holdings. 

Custom Order Price List

Custom Valuation Guides 

SEENSCO’s extensive database allows us to asses publicly listed companies from anywhere around the world. While our focus is predominantly American and Canadian companies, our models can be applied consistently to any publicly listed company in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and Latin America. Simply send us a request with the list of companies and model of interest and we will get back to you with a quote. See the price list below for further details. 

Custom Order Price List

Accessing our Stock Models and Valuation Guides

SEENSCO stock models and valuation guides are available on our website or through the following equity research providers:

  • Thomson Reuters 
  • Dow Jones / Factiva
  • FactSet