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Price Tracking

Price targets and valuation ranges for each of our valuation models and publications can be tracked daily online and downloaded into Excel spreadsheet format directly from our website under license from SEENSCO. The spreadsheet service includes current price data, upper and lower valuation targets, and return potential estimates, refreshed daily after close of business. The spreadsheet service is available to subscribers of any S&P 500 publication, for each valuation model available on a 1-year subscription. The spreadsheet service allows for daily tracking of investment opportunities and return expectations. 

Below is an example of a scrolling table featuring easy graphic display of the valuation estimates on S&P 500 companies generated using the Earnings Calibration Model in mid-2018:


Each Excel Spreadsheet Includes:

  • Individual price forecasts (low, target, high and return potential) for all companies listed on the S&P 500 as covered in the publications.
  • All price targets are generated as per the applicable methodology of the subscribed service. 
  • Return targets are refreshed monthly. 
  • All data is downloadable directly into an Excel workbook which enables easy display of trends over time.

It is important to note, however, that there is significant financial information, screening criteria, analytics, charts, and investment recommendations that are not included in the spreadsheets. Data covered for some companies may change frequently, depending on the release of new financial information. 

Excel spreadsheet data is available to clients of this service by logging into their account and then navigating to the drop down menu under “price tracking.” Price tracking tabs will become visible to clients when a subscription has been purchased. Further details can be obtained by contacting customer service. Prices for access to the spreadsheet service is included in the annual subscription fees.