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Established in Ottawa, Canada, in 2013, SEENSCO prepares monthly and quarterly stock valuation guides based on the methodologies of some of the world’s top investors and builds price forecasts and ratings covering Canadian and American listed companies. Forecasts are published in a series of  documents and data files for retail and institutional investors, as well as specialised publications on individual and custom portfolio compositions. Over the past five years SEENSCO has cultivated a growing system of forecasting models, drawing upon the literature and expertise of consultancies and teams of professionals in the financial services industry who are dedicated to particular models and markets.

SEENSCO stock selection models and valuation guides are viewed as critical inputs into the stock selection processes of many investment analyst and portfolio managers, who find our data effective, timely and insightful. Each publication and data file shows the expected stock price target as well as target price range for each company listed on a given index and is distributed in PDF format via email, through account access, with Excel-based monitoring.

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The only publications of their kind. Each valuation guide contains historical financial data, quality screens, value trap tests, price estimates, target valuation ranges, purchase recommendations and graphical analysis on all companies covered on the Dow Jones, S&P 500, and S&P/TSX 60. 

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