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seensco price guide: the blue book

The Blue Book provides you with proprietary research and valuation targets to help you achieve your financial goals. This document is the tool of choice for conservative investors seeking safety and stability, as well as growth.  The Blue Book spotlights our price targets on +200 American and Canadian companies whose operations and performance are intensively covered by analysts, financial press and general media.  Because of their relatively long operating histories, the stocks of companies in the Blue Book are generally more stable and offer more safety.  When income or long-term capital gains are your goals, the Blue Book is an essential resource.

Blue book ($19.99)

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This digital package is an indispensable resource for sophisticated investors hoping to elevate their profit potential. This package delivers unbiased analysis and price targets for the SEENSCO universe of 200+ companies with market caps of typically more than $5 billion. Small-, mid-, and large-cap stocks are covered, some thinly traded while most are widely held. Of all the stocks in the SEENSCO universe, many of those featured have already achieved exceptional returns. Some are significantly overvalued, with our price targets helping to warn investors of potential loss. Others are now well positioned for spectacular, breakout growth. The companies covered by SEENSCO are evaluated based on our Safety First criteria and are situated in more than 30 industries, and represent a significant percentage of the stock market capitalization. Tap into the Blue Book for unbiased analysis and forecasts to guide your investment decisions. This digital package is a great complement for both professional and non-professional investors. If you are serious about building your net worth, let the full power of our unique, in-depth pricing guide work on your behalf.  Make smart buy/sell/hold decisions by consulting our performance-proven price targets and ratings.  



200+ american and canadian companies covered

download 79 page pdf document

quarterly price update guarantee

Stock Selection Service by our most senior experts. SEENSCO's laser-focused valuation models are like having your own personal securities analysts.  Like other sophisticated investors, fast-track your opportunity to outperform the market with this specialized 79-page document and all subsequent quarterly updates.

  • +200 American and Canadian companies covered
  • Downloadable in PDF format
  • 5-Star Safety Ratings on all companies
  • Target prices with upper and lower valuation bands
  • Market consensus estimates
  • 20-yr stock price performance
  • 10-yr price action
  • 10-yr historical sales, earnings, free cash-flow and book values per share
  • 10-yr historical valuation multiples
  • 3-yr forward per share and multiple projections
  • 10-yr average forward projections
  • Other proprietary SEENSCO data
  • New companies added every quarter
  • Long-term stock ratings and margin-of-safety calculations

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