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who we are and what we do for you

Both passive and active investors all over the world turn to SEENSCO for strong, reliable, dynamic, and forward-thinking investment research. Founded on the teachings of the great investors such as Benjamin Graham, Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Philip Fisher, and John Templeton, SEENSCO provides projections and ratings on publicly listed Canadian and American companies and markets. SEENSCO does not follow any “get-rich-quick” schemes. We select and provide in-depth coverage on companies that satisfy a rigorous and strict set of investment principles. Our qualitative and quantitative screens remain targeted on protecting principal and generating reasonable rates of return (10-15%/year) over a 5 to 10 year investment horizon.

Clients' interests first

Bound by the CFA Institute Standards of Professional Conduct, it is paramount that we place client interest ahead of our own.


Investing requires understanding what methods underlie our models and forecasts. Our methodology reports and statement of investment principles outline in detail our processes.

Reasonable basis

All Buy and Accumulate recommendations require us to have a reasonable basis for making the recommendation--based on rules, not emotions.

knowing what we don't know

We don't pretend to have all the right answers or to never make mistakes. We do our best but are not perfect. But neither was Warren Buffett and he's doing ok for himself.

code of ethics

All staff are bound by the CFA Institute Code of Ethics. We will never price pump nor will we accept compensation from any companies we cover to cast them in a favorable light.


Other than user names and email addresses, no client information, including financial information is stored by SEENSCO. All transactions are handled through PayPal and email addresses are never shared.


necessary mindset

Most of our clients have a similar investment mindset. That is, they are value investors. And even more specifically, they are safety-first value investors. Safety-first investing requires tremendous investment discipline and is not always for the faint of heart. But, those able to deploy a safety-first approach and remain committed to the strategy can be rewarded handsomely over their lifetime. In our experience, safety-first value investors:

  • think independently
  • are disciplined
  • apply a rules-based approach
  • filter-out market noise
  • invest in stocks at panic prices
  • recognize that risk increases as stock prices rise

Our Approach

Safety-first investing is built on some of the most powerful investment frameworks of all time and investors that have executed their buy/sell decisions within this system have consistently beaten the market over the long-term. Don't believe us? Study the investment methodologies of the world's greatest investors and you'll soon find out.

The premise underlying safety-first investing is to: (1) invest only in companies with superb economic fundamentals; (2) invest only in companies with minimal balance sheet risk; (3) invest only in companies with substantial earnings and cash-flow generation, (4) wait for companies to suffer from some correctable set-back, and (5) always insist on a substantial margin-of-safety.

Informative and affordable, SEENSCO is an invaluable source for anyone looking to make better informed investment decisions in today’s dynamic market environment. We are a trusted source for individual investors, investment analysts, portfolio managers, advisors and institutional investors.

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helping investors

  • gauge market risks
  • meaningfully time purchases
  • allocate capital
  • find and distinguish between great and mediocre companies
  • quickly appraise short-term and long-term company valuations
  • understand the economic fundamentals that underlie company valuations
  • quickly gauge the probability of losing money on a company's stock


Running a successful research firm requires economic, financial, and business expertise as well as the right people and resources. We are one of the only companies that hires only CFA analysts to undertake stock research. We also have all the necessary resources to uncover great companies positioned to perform. Our analysts have the know-how, the creativity and the experience, and our results prove it. SEENSCO continues to attract new subscribers, which is not surprising when we keep identifying great companies like BIG, KRFT, and LULU when they were most mis-priced.


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