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SEENSCO is an independent stock research firm delivering unbiased, high-quality fundamentals-based analysis, stock valuation models, stock ratings and analytical tools to professional and retail investors. Our mandate is straightforward: to improve the risk-adjusted returns of our clients.

stock reports

Access stock research and price targets on over 200 companies for a small annual fee of $74.99. Reports are easy-to-understand and are written for both professional and retail investors. Reports are designed to help investors better understand company fundamentals, execute on solid investment ideas, and avoid possible value traps.

market timing

If you want to invest successfully, you have to implement a market timing strategy. This requires you to follow a series of market timing indicators. Bear markets have the potential to crush investor returns and can shred thousands of dollars from your retirement portfolio in the process. You're in for trouble if you can't identify market inflection points.

stock indexes

Not all investors are willing or able to pay the fees charged by financial planners. As such, we have created a series of Model Portfolios to help guide investors’ decision making process. These portfolios are designed to help investors obtain high quality and independent professional advice and achieve solid results without having to put in the time and incur high fees.
why choose us?

When it comes to identifying the best companies to buy, an investment approach founded on the stock selection methodologies of some of the world's greatest investors is the only choice. Applying the lessons of Peter Lynch, Warren Buffett, John Templeton etc., we provide opinions on which companies are best, and provide subscribers with access to all pricing updates, full company reports, and buy and sell targets.
We provide our services at some of the lowest prices in the industry. Our subscription service provides coverage on over 200 American and Canadian companies, and we offer a quarterly price update guarantee on all companies.
SEENSCO applies rules-based investment processes. This makes our buy/sell decisions less subjective and helps to eliminate human emotions and errors in judgement. Check out our performance results - our success rate is phenomenal. 
what you get

We want you to make solid risk-adjusted returns as soon as possible. We also want to help you become a confident, savvy investor, capable of making sound, strategic, investment decisions founded on a rational rules-based stock selection framework. SEENCO research reports help you achieve this and can help you make substantial returns in companies with strong economic fundamentals, both now and in the future.

  • All 1-Page Snapshot Reports
  • All 2-Page Dividend Reports (coming soon!)
  • All 15-Page Full Company Reports
  • Access to 9 Market Timing Indicators and the monthly Market Timing Newsletter
  • Access to 6 Model Portfolios
  • Access to the Blue Book - quarterly price guide (new!)
  • Regular updates with new picks monthly

Investment Services

  • Stock Research

    Annual memberships start at only $74.99. Access all our full company research reports as well as company snapshots and the Blue Book. Annual members also gain access to our market timing indicators.

  • Custom Research

    Order customer research reports on American and Canadian companies for as little as $49.99 per report. Reports include assessments of the companies' return potential.

  • Blue Book

    At $49.99, the Blue Book Price Guide provides you with proprietary research and valuation targets on 200+ American and Canadian companies to help you achieve your financial goals.

  • Market Timing

    You need a market timing strategy if you plan to stay invested in the market and if you plan to maximize your returns. Our indicators will help.

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